About Me

Story of myself

Hello everyone,

My name is Kentrick and I had been suffered from knee joint pain for the past few years. Although I admit that my condition is not as serious as other people out there. But I really want to get rid of knee joint pain, therefore I had done a lot of researchers on how to prevent knee pains.

I’m making this website to HELP other people who faced joint pain in their life to get rid of it. 

My story began when I started to play basketball at the age of 12. I really love to jump! It might be due to the fact that I am actually quite short in person (around 5 feet 4 inches or 165 cm tall). People who are short like me have to work a lot harder than those people who are taller. Therefore, when I was young, I performed a lot of jumping practices and did a lot of leg workouts to improve my vertical jump.

Overexercises and Did Not Do WARM UP!!

Because of constantly playing basketball and jumping, the force that exerted to my knee has started to tear out my knee joint. At the age of 17 years old, I suffered from my very first knee joint pain. I admitted that one of the reasons that cause the tear out of my knee joint is that I DON’T DO WARM UP at all before I do any exercises.

At the age of 17, I ignore what had happened to my knee joint. I continued to play basketball as frequent as before. 1 year later, that was when I realized I need to stop playing basketball because I started to hear cracking sound in my knee joint when I perform the certain movement (for example, squat down and when I lift my leg up while lying on the bed).

Since then, I decided to reduce the number of exercises I do, especially playing basketball. When playing basketball competition, I was not as aggressive as before and, as a result, my performances in basketball court have dropped significantly. I was once a top player on the basketball team, but since then, I became the worst player in the team. I felt really down and disappointed because what I can do is to sit on the bench and watched other players have fun scoring on the court.

ONE DAY, I started to think does all of this really worth it? Does hobby (which in my case is basketball) really that important than my physical health?

At the age of 22 years old, I decided to do something to get rid of my knee joint pain. So, I choose to quit playing basketball. BUT I really love to do exercise. So, I started to do weightlifting. At the same time, I started to do a lot of research about ways to prevent knee joint pain, home remedies to strengthen knee joint, supplements and exercises to strengthen my leg muscle.

I tried out a lot of exercises to strengthen my leg muscle and knee joint and I bought some joint supplements include fish oil, glucosamine, and other omega 3 products.

One day in 2016, my aunty from Singapore introduce me one joint strengthening supplement which is Joint Advance. And that is when I started to use Joint Advance. For those who are younger, i recommend you to take omega 3 supplement first before you go for glucosamine based supplements,

After trying out the supplements for few months and started to do some knee joint exercises and other quadriceps muscle strengthening exercises, the pain of my knee joint has slowly moved away.

Family Members with Knee Joint Pain Problem

Another reason why I wanted to share my stories and knowledge to the world is that my family members especially my uncle and grandparents, they were suffered from a serious knee joint pain. I want to help people out there so that they can also learn ways to prevent joint pain from happening. I will not say that all the supplements and exercises I recommend will cure or heal joint pain reliever, joint supplement, joint pain, joint pain treatment, natural remedies for knee pain, knee pain solutionyour broken knee joint immediately.

But in a long run, it definitely can help your bone and ligament to recover a lot faster than it used to be. Without the right diet/nutrients, your joint will never heal itself.

My grandmother (from my father side) has been suffered from severe knee joint tear out that it could not use medication/supplements to heal out. therefore, she had to undergo surgery to remove all her tore out ligament and replace with an artificial knee joint. But I hope the story of hers will not make you feel overwhelming.

That is why I suggest you to do prevention before it is too late. With proper exercises and supplements, we can prevent severe knee injuries to happen. Please bear in mind that, ‘Great thing takes time’.

Be consistent and Take action!! Either you choose to perform knee joint exercises frequently or by taking supplements.


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