Exercises to strengthen knee joint and leg muscle (joint pain prevention)

Are you feeling weak in the knees? Have you ever experienced knee pain and wonder how to get rid of it?  Joint pain affects one out of five people in the world, including me. I am only 25 years old and have suffered from knee joint pain few years back. This happen to my grandparents and my uncle as well.

However! With the consumption of the right supplement and by performing knee joint exercises,  you will say ‘GOOD BYE’ to your knee pain. Of course, great thing takes time to happen. You need to be consistent to see results.

I strongly recommend you to try out the Ultimate Joint Supplement (Joint Advance) and try out the following exercises.


Exercise to reduce knee pain

One of the best way to reduce knee joint pain is simply maintaining an active lifestyle, to do a suitable amount of exercises.

You probably wonder “my knee joints are painful all the time, how am I going to do exercises, I can’t even walk comfortably”. But trust me, once your start to do some knee joint strengthening exercises, you will definitely see major improvement. Have you ever heard the quotes, ‘suffer now and enjoy later’, this is what me and my family have ever been through.

Yes, of course at beginning, when you start to do those exercises, you will experience a certain amount of pain in your knee joints. But, as time goes by, you will realize that the pain will slowly go away. It will be worth it!!!

Reasons to exercise your knee joint:

  • Exercise your knee joint will allow the joint to move around with a full range of motion. It allows the tendon in your knees to be strengthen and become more flexible.
  • Exercises will strengthen your muscles that support and surrounded the joint. The stronger the muscle, the less impact/shock that is being absorbed by the knee joint. In fact, your muscle will absorb most of the force that applied to your knee if your muscles are strong enough.


Simple Exercises for knee joint pain

Exercise doesn’t need to be tough to be beneficial. In fact, low-impact exercises are the best exercise to strengthen knee joint. I strongly recommend you to do the following exercises if you have knee joint pain:


Cycling is one of the best low impact exercise that is effective in strengthening your knee joint and the muscle surrounded it. Cycling is a non-weight bearing activity compared to jogging or running. Running will exert a lot of impact to your knee joint. On the other hand, cycling requires more muscle contraction in your Quadricep and Hamstring muscle. In other words, by cycling, you can strengthen up your muscle surrounded your knee joint even faster, compare to running.

2.Stretching and perform YOGA

Personally, I don’t always do stretching/yoga. But, I strongly recommend you to do so. From research, I found out that quad form roller stretch and straight leg raise are the best exercises to strengthen your Glutes and Quadriceps muscle which in turn reduce the stress on your knee joint.

quad form roller stretch

straight leg raise

3.Wall squat for several minutes a day

This is the simplest exercise you can do at home. Stand with your back against the wall, placing your feet around shoulder width and slide your back down until your knees are 90 degrees angle. Try to hold as long as you can. You can repeat the same exercise for as many sets as you want.

4. Body weight squat/lunges


Once you already get use of the exercise stated above, you can try out more challenging exercises; squat and lunges. But, please bear in mind that you have to perform these exercises with PROPER FORM, otherwise, you will place a substantial amount of load on your knees.

I will make another post on how to do proper squat and lunges (STAY TUNED!!).


The best exercise that I found in the internet!!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

I strongly recommend you to watch the following video, this is the best knee joint exercise i found in the internet.

I had tried out tons of exercises and I finally found the best knee joint strengthening exercise.

However, the video will be in Chinese, if you do not understand Chinese, it’s okay, but i really hope that you will watch the video because i know that this video will definitely change your life. Just follow exactly what he is doing!! You will definitely see major improvement after performing this exercise.

Probably I will demonstrate and make another video on this exercise in the future (Please STAY TUNED!!!).

This exercise is not to strengthen your leg muscle. In fact, it is a stretching exercise which warm up our knee joint. Basically, this technique is to let the joint fluid (synovial fluid) to be excreted out from your knee. Synovial fluid is being produced to lubricate your joint and to reduce the friction between the cartilage in your joint.

Perform this simple exercise before you do any vigorous exercise, for example running, playing basketball, jumping, weight lifting workout (leg day) etc.

You can also perform this exercise to kick start your day (for example, in the morning when you just wake up).

You will realize at first, the movement of your joint is tight and inflexible. You might also hear cracking sound in your knee joint. DON’T be PANIC! This is normal.

As you perform the exercise for 10 or 20 repetitions, you will realize the cracking  sound in your joint will slowly vanish away.

I suggest you to perform this exercise from 30 repetitions to 50 repetitions for 5 to 10 minutes or even 15 minutes daily.

Personally, I performed this exercise for 40 to 50 repetitions daily, usually right before I head to the gym to workout.

As always, follow your heart and take action. Hope to hear good news from you.